CCNA Discovery 1 Final 2012 Exam Answers #4

Which protocol in its default configuration downloads e-mail messages to the client computer and deletes them from the server?

A user tries to open a page on the web server at The user’s workstation does not have the destination IP address in order to encapsulate the request. Which network topology will provide the services that are required to associate the name of the web server with an IP address?
<<< TRUE

TCP/IP data transmission between the source and destination host is de-encapsulated in four steps:

A. The TCP header is removed.
B. Bits are decoded and the destination MAC address is recognized.
C. The IP header is removed and the contents are passed to the next layer.
D. The Ethernet header and trailer are removed.

What is the correct sequence of these steps?
A, B, C, D
A, C, B, D
B, C, D, A
B, D, C, A
C, A, B, D

Which protocol is used to transfer files among network devices and perform file-management functions?

Which of the following are transport layer protocols of the TCP/IP model? (Choose two.)

What measurement is commonly used to describe communication speed when transferring data?

As an assignment, a computer science student needs to present data in binary format. What are the two possible values that the student can use? (Choose two.)

A host wants to send information simultaneously to all the other hosts in the same network. Which domain will support this type of communication?

What destination IP address is used in a unicast packet?
a specific host
a group of hosts
all hosts on the network
the network broadcast address

Which portion of a received datagram is decoded and used by the internetwork layer of the TCP/IP model?
IP address
port number
MAC address
HTML/user data

What are two advantages of purchasing a custom-built computer? (Choose two.)
usually a lower cost
no waiting period for assembly
user can specify higher performance components
supports higher-end graphics and gaming applications
fewer components to replace

What is the most common reason that ISPs provide asymmetrical transfer services?
to carry a large amount of data in both directions at equal rates
to host servers on the Internet
to work with applications that require significant bandwidth
to work with large business applications

When is the use of a DSL modem necessary?
when a cellular telephone provides the service
when a high-speed connection is provided over a cable TV network
when a high-speed digital connection is required over the regular telephone line
when a satellite dish is used

Which network design layer provides a connection point for end user devices to the network?

Which two statements are true about network applications? (Choose two.)
Microsoft Word is an example of a network application.
Network applications are accessible from a remote computer.
Network applications are installed on a special type of computer that supports only network applications.
Network applications are installed on a network server.
Network applications are accessible by one computer at a time.

Which type of network supports DHCP and DNS services for network users in a network domain?
ad hoc

Which portion of the packet does a router use to forward the packet to the destination?
source IP address
user data
destination IP address
control information
destination MAC address

Refer to the exhibit. The network is experiencing excessive broadcast traffic from multiple hosts. What can be done to reduce the broadcast traffic that each host receives without compromising connectivity to the corporate servers?
Separate the switches with a router.
Create a separate VLAN for the servers and hosts.
Change from Ethernet switches to FastEthernet switches.
Increase the number of switches to reduce the number of PCs that are connected to each switch.

Refer to the exhibit. If host H8 sends a message to host H5 and the destination MAC address is in the MAC tables of both switches, which host device or devices will receive the message?
only host H5
all hosts on the network
all hosts that are connected to switch Sw1
all hosts that are connected to switch Sw2 and host H5.
all hosts that are connected to hub Hub1 and switch Sw1

Refer to the graphic. Based on the information that is shown, what statement is true?
This configuration would be commonly found in an ad hoc wireless network.
Any wireless client that is attached to this access point would have the same IP address and SSID.
All wireless devices that are connected to this access point must have an assigned SSID of Academy.
In addition to accepting wireless client requests, this access point must connect to the wired network.


Refer to the graphic. Assume that the command output is from a wireless DHCP client that is connected to a Linksys integrated router. What can be deduced from the output?
The wireless connection is good.
The WEP key or SSID needs to be checked.
The DHCP configuration on the router needs to be checked.
The wireless NIC driver or the NIC itself needs to be reinstalled.

How do ISPs obtain public IP addresses?
They create the addresses themselves.
They obtain the addresses from the home PCs.
They obtain the addresses from the Internet registry.
They obtain the addresses from the RFC.

Refer to the exhibit. In the wireless network, what is the maximum number of hosts supported if the IP addressing scheme contains four host bits?

What describes the external IP address that is obtained by a router through a cable or DSL modem?
a public address that is obtained from ICANN
a private address that is manually configured by the administrator
a public address that is obtained through DHCP from the ISP
a private address that converts to a public address on the internal LAN

After issuing the ipconfig/all command on a host that has DHCP enabled, a network administrator notes that the output contains faulty IP configuration information. What is the first step the administrator should take to resolve this issue?
Replace the NIC in the host.
Change the IP address of the DHCP server.
Use static addressing to assign the correct IP address.
Use the release and renew options supported by the ipconfig command.

Which three addresses belong to the category of private IP addresses? (Choose three.)

Which part of the electromagnetic spectrum is commonly used to exchange data between a PDA and a computer?

What is the purpose of pop-up blocker software?
It detects and removes spyware.
It detects and removes viruses.
It prevents the display of advertisement windows.
It removes unwanted e-mail.

Refer to the exhibit. The security policy of an organization allows employees to connect to the office intranet from their homes. Which type of security policy is this?
acceptable use
incident handling
network maintenance
remote access

Which type of network attack occurs when an unauthorized person tries to persuade a user to share a network user ID and password?
brute force
denial of service
data manipulation
social engineering

When NAT is employed in a small office, which address type is typically used for hosts on the local LAN?
private IP addresses
global public IP addresses
Internet-routable addresses
both private and public IP addresses

Which statement is true concerning stateful packet inspection?
Access is permitted based on IP addresses of the source and destination devices.
Access is permitted based on the MAC addresses of the source and destination devices.
Access is permitted only if the type of application that is attempting to reach the internal host is allowed.
Access is permitted only if it is a legitimate response to a request from an internal host.

How does a straight-through cable connect two unlike devices?
It connects the receive pins on the first device to the receive pins on the second device.
It connects the transmit pins on the first device to the receive pins on the second device.
It disconnects the transmit pins and uses only the receive pins.
It uses the same pins for transmitting and receiving.

When would infrared be used to connect network devices?
when connecting multiple host devices to a wireless access point
when synchronizing a PC with a PDA that is in line of sight
when connecting a PC to a network switch that is located in another room
when updating two access points that are located in separate buildings

Which picture shows a USB port on a PC?
<<< TRUE

Which type of computer has an integrated mouse?
pocket PC

Which adapter card would be required for a PC to exchange information with other PCs on a LAN?
video card
sound card
internal modem

Which two components are configured via software in order for a PC to participate in a network environment? (Choose two.)
MAC address
IP address
subnet mask

Refer to the exhibit. Assume that the exhibited output is from a host that is connected to a Linksys integrated router. What is the first thing that should be checked while using a bottom-up troubleshooting approach?
the default gateway on the host
the IP address on the host
the IP address on the router
the link status LED on the front of the router
the subnet mask on the host

For devices that do not autosense, which connection requires a crossover cable?
hub port to router port
PC to hub port
PC to switch port
PC port to PC port

Which Windows command is used to display the configured IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway?

What must be identical on all devices in a WLAN for successful wireless communication between the devices?
antenna type
network mode
wireless NIC driver

What is the purpose of the ipconfig /release command?
It forces a client to give up its current IP address.
It forces a client to give up its current MAC address.
It forces the client to clear all the MAC address to IP address associations it has learned.
It shows the current IP configuration on the client.

What is the common DHCP role of the ISR router in home and small office networks?
The ISR router acts only as a DHCP client.
The ISR router acts only as a DHCP server.
The ISR router acts as both a DHCP client and server.
The ISR router forwards all DHCP traffic and acts as neither a client nor a server.

A company has a web server that must be accessible to both external and internal clients. Which security policy best practice should be followed to maximize security of the server?
Place the web server in a DMZ.
Keep the web server on the external network.
Configure a firewall device to serve as the web server.
Locate the web server in the server farm of the internal network.

For the second time in a week, workstations on a LAN are not able to log into the server. The technician fixed the problem the first time, but cannot remember the steps taken to solve it. What aspect of the troubleshooting process has the technician neglected?
identifying the problem
asking end-users questions
documenting the troubleshooting process
using structured techniques to solve a problem

A network technician suspects that malware on a user PC is opening multiple TCP connections to a specific foreign host address. Which Windows command line utility can be used to confirm the multiple TCP connections?

Which two causes of networking problems are related to the physical layer? (Choose two.)
damaged cables and connectors
incorrect addressing
incorrect subnet mask
overheated components
incorrect default gateway

Refer to the exhibit. A Linksys integrated services router is being used by wireless clients to access a server which is directly connected to an Ethernet port on the router. The server and the clients are using DHCP for IP addressing from the Linksys device and are on the same subnet. The server and the wireless clients are obtaining the correct IP configuration and can ping the Linksys device, but are unable to ping each other. What could be causing this issue?
The ping failures indicate a routing problem on the Linksys device. Check for proper routes.
The symptoms indicate a physical connection problem on the server. Check for the proper cable type and the physical connection.
The problem is most likely occurring on the Linksys device. Check all configurations on the Linksys device to ensure no security restrictions could be causing the issue.
Radio frequency problems are the likely problem if the clients cannot connect to the server on the same subnet. Begin by checking the signal strength at the wireless clients.

What two pieces of information should a help desk technician document while troubleshooting connectivity issues with an end user? (Choose two.)
the CPU clock speed of the computer
the number of network jacks that are in the room
if the user can ping the default gateway address
if the word processing software is installed correctly
whether the PC uses dynamic or static IP addressing


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